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Hello friends, I have formed a committee to run for Lieutenant Governor of California 2018. I want to provide a new perspective in the leadership of our great state and to inspire solutions that enhances the everyday lives of everyone in our community.

My journey as an American of Southeast-Asian heritage started in the mid-1970s following the aftermath of the Vietnam War when my family and I emigrated as refugees from Laos to the United States. As migrant farm workers living in California’s Central Valley my family had a very humbled start in America. Despite this, my parent’s work ethic instilled in me the possibilities in our new homeland.

Growing up, I was involved with the Laotian community by volunteering translation services. I accompanied families to various medical appointments, assisted with consumer matters, translated communication received in the mail, and served as a liaison in challenging situations faced by families in the Laotian community. In 1998, Youth Focus Inc. recognized me as Stanislaus County’s Young Man of Achievement and awarded my community work. Now, as a seasoned professional I envision creating opportunities that can be made available to the greater community and to be an example to the Southeast Asian-American Community.

Early academic success made me hopeful for the future and the leadership role I can fill. I was valedictorian of my high school class. In 1992 I was selected as a delegate to the American Academy of Achievement where I was designated Newman’s Teenager of the Year. I later went on to complete my Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science in Psychology. In 2013, subsequent to going back to school I earned my Juris Doctor and received tutelage from the Wray Ladine American Inns of Court.

My career includes a breadth of work experience in social services, financial services, and now in the legal field. Through my journey to become fully integrated as an American I want to inspire my fellow citizens to dream and then to put those dreams into action.

Rizzie for California – Lieutenant Governor 2018

FPPC # 1381147

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