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Would you like to be a part of this historic journey? We definitely want you to be a part of the team as we work on making opportunities available to ALL CALIFORNIANS and bring about needed solutions.

1) We are expanding our advisory committee.
2) We need research support.
3) District Leaders
4) to help for booth fees, campaign materials, etc.

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Sincere gratitude for your consideration.

Several key issues

The path I have taken has made specific platforms important to me. Here are a few.

1. Agriculture (water and land management) Growing up in the small town of Newman, I have seen the contribution of the farming community. Our agricultural industry will be a field that I will support whose needs I will advocate for. Farmers I want to hear from you.

2. Jobs and Small Businesses – Having worked in workforce development I’ve been able to learn first hand how people are able to benefit from these services. People’s identity are heavily tied to their career. I have observed some best practices that I hope to implement and enhance and some areas of less important bureaucracy that we could replace.Similarly, small businesses and entrepreneurial enterprises contribute to the economic growth of our state. Needless to say that big companies play an important part in making our state one of the largest economy in the world, but small business success plays an important part in many households and a source of pride for its community. Our diversity allows citizens from many background to bring forth business ideas that if we promote will greatly enrich the state economically and culturally. Entrepreneurs and small business owners I want to hear from you.

3. Civil Rights – As a member of two underrepresented group I know the struggle first hand. It is this perspective that will guide my advocacy under the state and the federal constitution to make opportunities and protection of all citizens a priority. Further, opportunities must be available so we do not perpetuate such economic disparity that we continue harm to our friends and neighbors. If you have not felt heard, I want to hear from you and be your voice.

4. Economic Growth – This not only means attracting new business and companies to our state but those that will act socially responsible. Our Golden state is rich because of its people and its location. We can strategically support those business whose purposes also foster opportunities in the communities that need the most new jobs. Employers, how can I support you.

5. Affordable and improved education at all levels – we are all equal but did not have the same starting line. Expand curriculum at grade school and ensure that higher education/vocational training is accessible to any citizen who is motivated and willing to put in the required training and education time. Teachers, you are valuable. How can we help support your nurturing of our next generation.

My work in the community

As an everyday hardworking citizen I share the concerns of our community. I have neighbors that tell me about the struggle of finding good jobs; friends who are teachers who tell me that we can do a better job to not only support this career but make the institution one that prepares the next generation for the workforce; and families that are concerned their children can’t afford college.

I have spent many years as a community advocate working to provide families with the tools to enhance their lives. I have helped families find resolution and to keep their home during the foreclosure crisis. I have helped other families money management so that they can make home ownership a reality or send their children off to college. I have also helped many young people find work, get into college and to start a career. I’ve taken different opportunities to lend my voice by speaking to our state leaders to pass legislation to enhance the lives of my friends and neighbors in our great state.

I now want to take the next step in advocating for the families in California. I want to be of service to you as your next Lieutenant Governor of California.

Community Work:

National Council of La Raza Advocacy Day at the State Capitol – Sacramento, CA (Delegate, 2013)
Visionary Home Builders Housing Exposition Executive Committee – Stockton, CA (Member, 2012);
National Council of La Raza Annual Conference – Las Vegas, NV (Delegate, 2012);
LGBTQ Self-Sufficiency Conference – San Francisco, CA (Panelist, 2010);
HomeownershipSF Development Committee – San Francisco, CA (Member, 2008 – 2009);
San Francisco Housing Expo Committee – San Francisco, CA (Member, 2008 – 2009)
Homeownership Preservation Foundation 888-995-HOPE Hotline Advisory Committee – San Francisco, CA (Member, 2008 – 2009);
Youth Employment Coalition – San Francisco, CA (Member, 2002 – 2006);
The Improving Transitions Outcome Project Advisory Committee and Conference – San Francisco, CA (Member, 2005);
Mayor’s Youth Employment and Education Program Career Day Committee – San Francisco, CA (Member, 2004 – 2005);
Refugee Transitions – San Francisco, CA (Board Member, 2003 – 2005);

Work Experience:

RAMS Hire-Ability – San Francisco, CA (Employment Services Manager – Present)                                                   Visionary Home Builders of California, Inc. – Stockton, CA (Program Manager, 2011 – 2013)
Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco – San Francisco, CA (Program Supervisor, 2006 – 2011)
Jewish Vocational Service – San Francisco, CA (Education Services Coordinator, 2002 – 2006)
UBS Financial Services – San Francisco, CA (Financial Advisor, 2001 – 2002)
Valley Mountain Regional Center in Stockton, CA, Regional Center of the East Bay in Oakland, CA, and San Andreas Regional Center in Campbell, CA (Case Manager, 1998 – 2001)

A brief introduction

Hello friends, I have formed a committee to run for Lieutenant Governor of California 2018. I want to provide a new perspective in the leadership of our great state and to inspire solutions that enhances the everyday lives of everyone in our community.

My journey as an American of Southeast-Asian heritage started in the mid-1970s following the aftermath of the Vietnam War when my family and I emigrated as refugees from Laos to the United States. As migrant farm workers living in California’s Central Valley my family had a very humbled start in America. Despite this, my parent’s work ethic instilled in me the possibilities in our new homeland.

Growing up, I was involved with the Laotian community by volunteering translation services. I accompanied families to various medical appointments, assisted with consumer matters, translated communication received in the mail, and served as a liaison in challenging situations faced by families in the Laotian community. In 1998, Youth Focus Inc. recognized me as Stanislaus County’s Young Man of Achievement and awarded my community work. Now, as a seasoned professional I envision creating opportunities that can be made available to the greater community and to be an example to the Southeast Asian-American Community.

Early academic success made me hopeful for the future and the leadership role I can fill. I was valedictorian of my high school class. In 1992 I was selected as a delegate to the American Academy of Achievement where I was designated Newman’s Teenager of the Year. I later went on to complete my Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science in Psychology. In 2013, subsequent to going back to school I earned my Juris Doctor and received tutelage from the Wray Ladine American Inns of Court.

My career includes a breadth of work experience in social services, financial services, and now in the legal field. Through my journey to become fully integrated as an American I want to inspire my fellow citizens to dream and then to put those dreams into action.

Rizzie for California – Lieutenant Governor 2018

FPPC # 1381147